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2024 Real Estate Outlook // Video Series

Will Rates Come Down This Year?
Where mortgage rates are headed in 2024: I’m guessing you’re picking up on the general theme of my 2024 outlook: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. The general consensus and data says that we can Expect rates to stay in the 6% range thru 2024 for all the reasons discussed previously. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go back and watch my video on the Federal Reserve for some good info and context for this conversation. Now Its going to take a series of negative economic events to bring rates dow
Are Home Prices & Inventory Going Up?
Where Are Home Prices & Inventory Going in 2024? Let’s talk about housing inventory, what to expect and what caveats to prepare for. While we hope for more inventory, the data suggests that we should plan for it to remain tight. If you've been following my updates, you know that housing inventory has been at historic lows and overall sales volume has been incredibly low as well. And There just simply isn't enough new supply in the pipeline to fill the estimated 3-5M unit housing deficit in the US, and
Secrets For Sellers in 2024
What secrets do Sellers need to know in 2024? Alright, so now I am talking to sellers. The message here is simple, GET READY; With inventory so low, there is still strong demand & you want to be ready to capitalize on the seasonal demand increase – Be prepared and have your listing ready so that we can focus on our timing and marketing strategy. I have data sets I use to see & predict the best time to list your home, although often the timing is driven by the sellers’ particular situation, needs and g
Secrets For Buyers in 2024
What secrets do buyers need to know in 2024? Lets start with buyers. I think by now you’ve got a good idea where this is going. The short story is get your ducks in a row; My personal opinion is that there is more urgency now as demand is likely to continue to increase as we get into spring. What typically happens each spring is that sellers start listing their homes in anticipation of buyers coming out of their winter slumber, and the market starts to heat up. In a more balanced market there are enough li
Federal Reserve Drops Bombshell
Why the FED may be justified in delaying rate cuts: I’m just going to get the bad news out of the way before I get into the 2024 Real Estate Outlook. Unfortunately this bombshell is going to crush a lot of people’s hopes–Fortunately its not all bad—and there's always opportunity in every market, it just depends on your situation–But As the 2024 home buying & selling season is kicking into gear, I’m sorry to say that the likelihood of a Fed rate cut this spring has been pretty well crushed. I’ll get into mo
FED Avoiding Another "Great Inflation" Disaster
Why the FED may be justified in delaying rate cuts: Now you may have heard of the “great inflation” of the 70’s, but a lot of people don’t really have context for that event and how it relates to the Federal reserve of today, and why it matters for interest rates in 2024. But first, we have to mention the latest inflation numbers that came out on tuesday, which have pretty much crushed hopes of a rate cut any time soon. These core inflation numbers came in around 39 basis points higher than expected, which

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