Meet Kyle H. Martin!

As a dedicated fiduciary, Kyle helps you learn everything you need to know to make the most sound & informed real estate decisions possible, using a consultative & needs-focused approach that is all about youyour goals and financial situation. Kyle guides you every step of the way, from the first strategy session, to closing, so you always know exactly where you stand and what comes next–taking the guesswork out of complex real estate transactions, so you can focus on enjoying life knowing everything is being handled with the utmost care, attention to detail & expertise.

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Will Rates Come Down This Year?
Where mortgage rates are headed in 2024: I’m guessing you’re picking up on the general theme of my 2024 outlook: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. The general consensus and data says that we can Expect rates to stay in the 6% range thru 2024 for all the reasons discussed previously. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go back and watch my video on the Federal Reserve for some good info and context for this conversation. Now Its going to take a series of negative economic events to bring rates dow
Are Home Prices & Inventory Going Up?
Where Are Home Prices & Inventory Going in 2024? Let’s talk about housing inventory, what to expect and what caveats to prepare for. While we hope for more inventory, the data suggests that we should plan for it to remain tight. If you've been following my updates, you know that housing inventory has been at historic lows and overall sales volume has been incredibly low as well. And There just simply isn't enough new supply in the pipeline to fill the estimated 3-5M unit housing deficit in the US, and
Secrets For Sellers in 2024
What secrets do Sellers need to know in 2024? Alright, so now I am talking to sellers. The message here is simple, GET READY; With inventory so low, there is still strong demand & you want to be ready to capitalize on the seasonal demand increase – Be prepared and have your listing ready so that we can focus on our timing and marketing strategy. I have data sets I use to see & predict the best time to list your home, although often the timing is driven by the sellers’ particular situation, needs and g
Secrets For Buyers in 2024
What secrets do buyers need to know in 2024? Lets start with buyers. I think by now you’ve got a good idea where this is going. The short story is get your ducks in a row; My personal opinion is that there is more urgency now as demand is likely to continue to increase as we get into spring. What typically happens each spring is that sellers start listing their homes in anticipation of buyers coming out of their winter slumber, and the market starts to heat up. In a more balanced market there are enough li
Federal Reserve Drops Bombshell
Why the FED may be justified in delaying rate cuts: I’m just going to get the bad news out of the way before I get into the 2024 Real Estate Outlook. Unfortunately this bombshell is going to crush a lot of people’s hopes–Fortunately its not all bad—and there's always opportunity in every market, it just depends on your situation–But As the 2024 home buying & selling season is kicking into gear, I’m sorry to say that the likelihood of a Fed rate cut this spring has been pretty well crushed. I’ll get into mo
FED Avoiding Another "Great Inflation" Disaster
Why the FED may be justified in delaying rate cuts: Now you may have heard of the “great inflation” of the 70’s, but a lot of people don’t really have context for that event and how it relates to the Federal reserve of today, and why it matters for interest rates in 2024. But first, we have to mention the latest inflation numbers that came out on tuesday, which have pretty much crushed hopes of a rate cut any time soon. These core inflation numbers came in around 39 basis points higher than expected, which
Kyle is very professional, knowledgeable, & a great communicator. If you’re looking for someone with these great qualities & a bulldog that fights for your best interests, then Kyle Martin is the man for you. Not only is he my realtor for life, he’s also my friend.
Richard W.
Kyle is an outstanding realtor. He is direct, honest, and a strong communicator. The real estate market has been very competitive, but he sealed the deal on my first offer! Months later, I still call him seeking advice about my home and contractors. He is there for me every time. If you were serious about transacting real estate, I highly recommend working with Kyle.
Tony V.
I really can't say enough good things about Kyle, and I was very impressed with his helpfulness and professionalism. Especially for me, as an out-of-state seller, in town for a limited time in Jan/Feb, his ability to make sure things ran smoothly was priceless.
When I said I needed appraisal of the house for the estate, he immediately got me in touch with Olen Miller, and the appraisal was completed in short order. Kyle's suggestion re: the price at which the house should be listed, $769K, was spot-on, and resulted in a solid offer for $780K the day the house listed. He introduced me to Fran Erickson of Eartha Kitty's, and she was remarkably efficient in organizing the estate sale and getting unsold items removed from the house, including some pesticides in the garage that had to be taken to the hazardous waste disposal facility.
Kyle removed a frozen lock from an antique hutch, something I was too nervous to do myself. And then, after Bob & I had already gone back to New York, he watched over the movers from Pak Mail when they packed the hutch for shipping. He returned the cable box and router to Comcast, and even put out the trash bin after the estate sale so it could be picked up by SSC. Kyle also found a home for a baby-grand piano that hadn't sold at the estate sale (not a Steinway, mind you, a Kohler & Campbell with noticeable fading on the side facing the window).
Kyle kept me informed at every step, and I never felt like I had to worry about the house or contents. I'm delighted to have met Kyle and worked with him. He's truly an asset to The Muljat Group.
M. L. Allen Trust
Really enjoyed working with Kyle. He is extremely transparent, thorough, and straight forward. I felt that when looking at places he was quick to point out what could be the pluses and minuses of a place, which was helpful to discuss both. Kyle showed me many houses all over the Bellingham area and beyond so that I could get a feel for different neighborhoods, which was also helpful. Would highly recommend.
Kari I.
We have the pleasure of working with Kyle on our home buying journey. Kyle demonstrated remarkable professionalism, extensive knowledge of the area, and a deep understanding of our needs. As a first time home buyer, I had A LOT of questions.His communication skills are excellent and provided timely updates and expert guidance throughout the buying process.

We also bought a fixer upper and as a contractor, Kyle was able to provide additional advise on what renovations could look like and if that is something we would want to consider while buying our home. Kyle's dedication to customer satisfaction was evident, going above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone searching for a reliable and knowledgeable realtor who will exceed expectation!

To show my appreciation to our realtor and new friend -- a haiku.

I had the pleasure,
Kyle's guidance led me home,
A true gem indeed.
Christine & Jeff
Where do I even begin?!Kyle went ABOVE and beyond for us throughout our home selling AND buying process. We were thrown a lot of curve balls (including but not limited to an entire global pandemic) and he handled every single one with a great sense of professionalism and determination.He was wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable about the process and was patient enough with me to walk me through it. (I had zero clue what I was doing.)I found Kyle by chance but I’m so grateful that I did. Because of his negotiation skills, serious grit and drive, patience and genuine interest in what’s best for his clients, he was able to help us get into a home better than I thought was possible for us.I can never say enough about how much I appreciate Kyle and his wonderful team and I, from the bottom of my heart, can say that I would recommend him as a realtor 1000%.
Sherron & Tom M.
Kyle was a huge asset in my home buying experience! This was the second home I’ve purchased through him. He really takes the time to explain all the options and processes of home buying, providing a clear and concise plan of how to close on a home. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service he and his team provided me.
Jake H.
My husband and I are first time home buyers and are so thankful we got to work with Kyle! He made the home buying experience enjoyable with minimal to no stress! He works with a wonderful team of lenders at Umpqua Bank and an equally kind and professional staff at Chicago title. We were able to find our dream home a week after first meeting with Kyle, which shows how well he listened to our "must haves" in a home and how diligent he was to share homes that were in our budget and had the features we were looking for. We not only closed on our house on time, but Kyle also was a great advocate for us to make sure everything about the house was as close to perfect before we closed. We'd highly recommend working with Kyle for selling or buying your home!
Shelby & Cole T.
We are first time home-buyers and Kyle was a great asset to our team. He was responsive, a great listener, knowledgeable, and assertive. He helped us every step of the way- asking us hard questions while also providing guidance. We ended up in our dream home without a sweat because of Kyle's tenacity and grit.
Raquel & Jonathan C.
Kyle made the process of buying a home fun!  He listens, he cares, and is always available for you.  Thank you Kyle!!!
Christine & Brian H.
This was my first time buying a house, and I was concerned about working with a realtor. Kyle was recommended to me by a friend. I could not have had a better experience. I worked with Kyle for over a year and found the perfect house. He is honest and intelligent about the whole process.Thanks Kyle
Kai & Ceylon B.
Kyle recently helped us navigate the process of selecting and buying a new home. He assisted us with enthusiasm. He was responsive to questions, gave advice, and supported us when several concerns were identified during the building inspection. Kyle further helped solve concerns we had regarding one of the utility services soon after we moved in. He has checked in several times since, inviting us to contact him if we needed any assistance. His support and expertise helped make the process of acquiring a new home, as well as moving in, a memorable experience. Thank you, Kyle.
Sonia B.
Kyle was excellent!
Safer Schools Together
Kyle worked diligently in having our offer accepted by the seller.  We were very satisifed with his abilities.
Joanne & Nick J.
We were dealing with a cross border purchase and Kyle was outstanding in terms of shepherding us through the process. I would highly recommend Kyle.
Tom S.
Great experience with Kyle !!Covered every base and more !!
Jon L.
My husband and I just closed on a house last week and Kyle Martin did an excellent job with helping us find the perfect home. He was very attentive to our wants and needs and was very polite and courteous. I would recommend Kyle to anyone who is in the market for a new home. Thank you Kyle!
Alfie & Dan K.
Kyle helped us navigate our home selling process. Very knowledgeable and helpful. He was a great resource for us and a delight to work with. Thanks Kyle!
Katy S.
Kyle worked diligently and wisely with us to sell our home. He displayed professionalism and market expertise. I'd be happy to work with Kyle again, whether selling or buying property.
Dave & Kayleigh L.
Kyle worked patiently and wisely with us to purchase our new home. He displayed professionalism and market expertise. I'd be happy to work with Kyle again, whether selling or buying property.
Dave & Kayleigh L.
He was very responsive and helpful - we could not have done this without him!
Kate H.
Kyle was nothing short of amazing. Responsive, friendly, honest, and genuinely cared about helping us out. Excellent service.
Theresa C.
Kyle found 2 qualified buyers for my 2 lots that were difficult to sell!
Don M.
Kyle was knowledgeable, approachable, and highly effective. He went above and beyond to help my father in law purchase the house he really wanted. Additionally, we had a number of conversations about potential commercial property investment opportunities. If you prefer a consultative approach to real estate you’ll be happy you spoke with Kyle.
Mark Z.
Kyle is committed from day one. He's got that "old school" mentality of finding the right home for you, you don't see that much anymore. He's truthful and really cares. I 100% recommend him.
C. H.
Kyle did am amazing job working with my wife and I, we have funky work schedules but Kyle was still able to work around it and get us into our home!
Karim & Myra O.
Kyle's team coordinated the sale of our former house in the Seattle area for a very short turnaround (3 wks.) and sold us our home in Bellingham. Also, when the refrigerator in our new house failed to arrive on time, Kyle quickly lent us a small fridge from his office until our large refrigerator came. This happened on Christmas Eve, and we were very touched by this act of kindness.
Kathy S.
I called Kyle at the Bellingham Muljat Group and he responded right away, and went along with all the questions. He began to send us 2-3 listing a week. These always fit within our financial limitations and 30 mile radius of what we desired. It was a virtual relationship until we met at a property on Mt Vernon. Then he sent a little dream home in downtown Oak Harbor. It was a sale from the moment we walked through the front door. And Kyle Martin made it happen including the post inspection before signing. Thank you.
Mario G.
Kyle was great, Couldn’t have had a better experience selling our home.
Andrew L.
Kyle was great to work with! He was knowledgeable and persistent during the process and handled every obstacle thrown at us (like a whole pandemic) with patience and perseverance. He was easy to talk to and answered every question we had quickly and when he didn’t have the answer right away, he worked fast to find it for us. I definitely recommend working with Kyle to find your next home!
S & M
Kyle went above and beyond for a Real Estate agent. It is hard enough buying a propery during COVID let alone buying from miles away. He was quick to respond during this "hot" market time with virtual tours, advise on the area and the best way to postition our offer once we found a house we wanted to go after. Kyle was patient as we went through the process of figuring out what we truely wanted. We were in constant contact with him during the entire process. He had a great team of people he was comfortable working with that made the process run smoothly and on time. We had a tight time line but, with Kyle's help, made all the deadlines that the seller had put forward. We love the new house and wouldn't hesitate to recomend Kyle!
Karen T.
Kyle approaches his job as a realtor much like a social worker; he tries to understand his clients and meet them where they are at. He is a genuine person who really cares about people!
Rachel Y.
Kyle Martin went the extra mile to show us multiple residence options, was a good listener and negotiator in the process of helping us close on a lake property that met our needs.
Fred & Shannon M.
Kyle is great! He helped guide us through a quick and painless home buying experience. On top of our needs, he honed into what we wanted to buy and helped us stay within our budget. It was a great buying experience!
Frank & Tiffany P.
Smooth transaction with Kyle ! Fast and easy process ! Thank you Kyle !
Chao & Choua M.
Kyle Martin went above and beyond to sell my house and had multiple offers.
Marilyn H.
Kyle was very considerate of our situation, and used both his professional and his personal resourcefulness to magnify our ability to get a lot accomplished in a short time, beating other properties to showing. I value his opinion, and he served our family well, creating many, above asking offers, which gave us the leverage to choose our closing terms, giving us more control of the sale. Definitely recommend, and will use his services again.
Volker Estate
He is a very knowledgeable realtor. He was very quick in returning calls and inquiries during the buying process. He directed me to local lenders that made the purchase seamless.
Kathleen B.
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