Secrets For Buyers in 2024

👉What secrets do buyers need to know in 2024?

🏡✨👉What secrets do buyers need to know in 2024? Lets start with buyers. I think by now you’ve got a good idea where this is going. The short story is get your ducks in a row; My personal opinion is that there is more urgency now as demand is likely to continue to increase as we get into spring. What typically happens each spring is that sellers start listing their homes in anticipation of buyers coming out of their winter slumber, and the market starts to heat up. In a more balanced market there are enough listings to go around so there’s no frenzy. In the current market there is such a lack of options that even a relatively small amount of demand can be more than the inventory can support. I am seeing multiple offers in many price ranges, even in the multi-million range–and its still early February. A good example of this my $4M Madison Park, Seattle listing. We just got 4 offers in early February—2 of them cash. And keep in mind while that seems competitive, that is still less-so than the last couple of years where we probably would have seen 10 or more offers, and many of them cash too. My point here is that its still relatively competitive out there, and the season is really just starting to kick into gear! So like I said, get your ducks in a row, and if you’re not sure where to start, I can help you line out a path.

You know what to do by now–just book a strategy session with me. I can promise it will be worth it! [Part 5A] So lets say you book a strategy session with me. These can be in person or via video. the next step is to decide if you are going to wait, or if you’re gonna giter done. Which means you have to determine if you can afford the home you want now. If you can, then we look at your options. Then what? Typically what happens after our strategy session, depending on your situation, we will get you pre-approved with a local lender. This is a huge part of the preparation process! Then what? We get you educated on the market and what is available in your price range. A lot of people say they're not ready to start looking, but its one of their biggest mistakes. I cant stress this enough, schedule showings with me and you will learn a ton along the way and be prepared when the right time comes! If you're not sure if the timing is right for you, reach out to me for a strategy session so we can make sure you're doing everything that makes sense for your situation so you are prepared. The idea is to create a low-pressure environment and take baby steps, until you’re ready to roll, then we put the hammer down!

⭐️If you’re ready to cut to the chase and schedule a strategy session with me, just text me at 360-392-5475 or email 💯Drop a comment or send a DM to let me know what else you would like to hear about!

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