Secrets For Sellers in 2024

👉What secrets do Sellers need to know in 2024? 

🏡✨👉What secrets do Sellers need to know in 2024? Alright, so now I am talking to sellers. The message here is simple, GET READY; With inventory so low, there is still strong demand & you want to be ready to capitalize on the seasonal demand increase – Be prepared and have your listing ready so that we can focus on our timing and marketing strategy. I have data sets I use to see & predict the best time to list your home, although often the timing is driven by the sellers’ particular situation, needs and goals. Some sellers will want to get to market ASAP. However, its important to resist the temptation of greed, and timing the market can be a fools game. As they say, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. I have a good example of this when I recently listed a $4M home in Seattle. We got 4 offers on our review date, 2 of them cash. We essentially beat the other sellers to the market with a great product at the right price, and the market rewarded us! And we didn’t get greedy. The sellers wanted to list at $4.2M, but they listened to our advice and listed at $3.985M, which led to multiple offers and a final contract well over $4.1M. Now when we agreed on the strategy, they were happy to get the list price, but if they had been over zealous and listed at $4.2M, they probably would have sat on the market, and likely had to do price reductions to get the home sold, and ended up with a lower sale price. The moral of the story is that it is super important to trust the advice of your broker, and trust the data. As they say, data doesn’t lie.

And one last tidbit for sellers regarding preparation–Its important to take care of all of those little projects you have been putting off, and if you’re not sure which ones to tackle first or at all, reach out to me so we can do an assessment of your home and make sure you’re ready. I also have great local resources to help with getting the projects done quickly and efficiently. Now I know we have covered a lot in this series, but there’s always more, so please reach out if there’s anything you are still curious about, or to setup a strategy session. You can text me at 360-392-5475 As always please share with friends and family, and like/subscribe for updates!

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